"Please use your fork!"

"Spoons are NOT catapults!"

"Don't eat off your brother's plate!"

"Chew with your mouth closed!"

Biggs The Manners Pig restores peace and fun to family dinners!

The Manners Pig | by Charlotte Barto

Each box set includes The Manners Pig book and one “Biggs the Manners Pig” figurine.

Family dinners are important, but precious minutes together are shrouded in negativity when conversation around the table turns to constant correction.

YOU NEED The Manners Pig !

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…and move your meals out of the barn and back into the kitchen!

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How Does It Work?

When one of your "piggies" forgets their manners at the table, just place the Biggs the Manners Pig figurine in front of their plate. The one that ends up with Biggs at the end of the meal gets the honor of doing that night's dishes, or any chore of parents' choosing.


Martha says...

"The Manners Pig changed our family dinners. I no longer feel like I'm the dinner police constantly telling the kids how to behave. We can now have meaningful conversations about our days."


Bill says...

"I got the book and pig figurine for my grandkids as a gift. They love the competition to see who can have the best manners, and my daughter loves seeing the utensils being used in the right way. Win-win for Pawpaw!"


Nicole says...

"A friend gave me The Manners Pig as a gift, but I was afraid my kids were still too young to 'get it.' I was wrong. It didn't take them long to figure out how to avoid being the last one with Biggs in front of them. While they can't quite do the dishes alone yet, they are able to help by clearing the table. Thanks, Biggs."

Oink Oink!

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